Sunday, March 31, 2013

SBG Part 1 - Justification

I have been wanting to write about my standards-based grading (SBG) implementation for a while, but being on a panel discussion tomorrow has given me the push to actually do it!  :)

I am splitting up the topic into several posts so I don't put you into a TL;DR situation...

First, why do I use SBG in my classes?  I believe that:
  • students' grades should reflect what they know or what they can do for that particular course.
  • grades should inform students as to their strengths and weaknesses.  
  • homework is for practice, and that students should not be penalized for mistakes while practicing.  
  • if students upgrade their skills or level of knowledge during a course, their grade should reflect that.  
  • traditional grading systems often give a false indication of a student's skills.
The posts that follow will address each one of these points.

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