ISN Generic Documents

Below are some of the documents that I use in the ISN every semester.  Take a look the templates page for tips on gluing pages into the ISN.

Document Notes
Homework Head Start Instructions for students to customize the cover of their ISN.  I pass this out at open house at the beginning of the year.
Table of Contents Glue this document into the first four pages of the notebook...
Textbook Note-Taking Instructions Students don't know how to take notes proficiently unless you teach them!
Science Safety Contract Gotta have one of these!
Grade Goal Sheet I have students set and track goals throughout the year...
How we keep interactive notebooks in science An information sheet showing students the general setup of the ISN
Partners Page This one has a chemistry theme...
Graph Paper with checklist I have found that students do better job on graphs if they have a checklist to ensure they're hitting all the important parts of a graph
Output activities list Students can often show you what they know more easily if they have a choice in how they show their knowledge.  I have received some really amazing work from students that I would have never seen if I had given them a worksheet.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to set up templates. I know as teachers we all run out of extra time.